MaiaLearning Joins Privacy Shield to Serve European Schools

MaiaLearning now participates in the EU and Swiss Privacy Shield Frameworks. These align the company with requirements, and allow it to host student data from European European Union and Swiss General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) client schools in U.S. facilities. MaiaLearning has certified its compliance with the Framework’s requirements to the International Trade Commission of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

This certification opens secondary education markets to MaiaLearning in the 28 countries of the EU, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. While each country has its own system of education, they share a need to prepare students for careers where they are likely to succeed and thrive.

According to Eurostat, there are about 21 million EU students in lower secondary education (equivalent to U.S. middle school), and about 22 million in upper secondary education (equivalent to U.S. high school). Such students can benefit from MaiaLearning’s comprehensive assessment, career research, college planning, and portfolio development capabilities. Thus, certification opens substantial new markets to the company.

MaiaLearning joins over 2700 other corporations in committing to comply with the seven Privacy Shield principles: notice, choice, accountability for onward transfers, security, data integrity and purpose limitation, recourse/enforcement and liability, and access. That pledge reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining the privacy of its student users.

CEO Satish Mirle says, “We are excited to be meeting the GDPR requirements and ensuring the privacy of user data.”