Career Pathways Make Counseling More Effective


Career Pathways guide students to careers where interests, aptitudes, and local opportunities intersect.

The U.S. Dept. of Education lists over 1800 career areas, but often students know just a handful. As a result, they may graduate with little interest in the careers they know of, and little motivation to continue building their skills. As a result, counselors regularly struggle to expand those horizons so students find careers that inspire them. Career Pathways can help.

The education, social, and economic benefits of successful counseling are multitude, and include:

  • Higher educational achievement and secondary school graduation rates
  • Improved participation in postsecondary education
  • Shorter paths to primary labor markets for young workers
  • Higher levels of worker satisfaction and career retention
  • Lower incidence of work-related stress, depression, and violence

Career Pathways make guidance easier. They benefit administrators, counselors, and families as well as students.

Career Pathways are where Interests, aptitudes, and local opportunities come together.
Career Pathways are where Interests, aptitudes, and local opportunities come together.

Career Pathways guide students to places where interests, aptitudes, and local opportunities coincide. They comprise multiple elements that lead students from classroom to career entry. First, they include course plans that draw upon school course catalogs and offerings from CTE centers and local businesses. Second, they define year-by-year task plans to guide students outside the classroom.

Because Career Pathways are so powerful, we’ve written a white paper describing the Career Clusters and Pathways system, and how Maia Learning is incorporating that approach its career exploration and planning. The paper talks about how schools and districts can customize pathways to take advantage of local opportunities. Many features are already there in Maia Learning accounts, and others are in the planning process.

See how Career Pathways help counselors can get into more satisfying conversations with students and provide more effective counseling. Please give us your contact information and we’ll send you Planning Student Futures is Easier With Career Pathways.

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