MaiaLearning helps students present more than test scores

The ACT Just got Cheaper, but it’s Only one Factor

Growing numbers of colleges are making standardized test results optional, but those results are still important for many college applicants. However, their cost can be a burden. So starting next school year, low-income students who take the ACT with fee waivers can send their scores for free to colleges and scholarship agencies.
ACT scores are just part of a student’s profile, and they favor those who are good at taking long tests. But students are multi-dimensional, and being able to show what they’ve done with what their opportunities can carry considerable weight in college applications. Students who use the MaiaLearning college and career readiness platform begin with assessment-based career recommendations. As they build career and college plans and move through high school, they develop rich portfolios of reflective writing and finished work that highlight their unique stories. Learn more at