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College & Career Readiness

Maia Learning helps students
MaiaLearning helps counselors provide better guidance to students

Maia was the Roman goddess of growth. MaiaLearning is a college and career readiness platform that engages K12 students to become capable, life-long learners. They drive their own educations, find their career  passions, and plan to achieve their dreams.

MaiaLearning makes engaging students a priority

Students begin with exploration of assessment-based career recommendations. They do career, college, and academic planning, and document accomplishments with digital portfolios.

MaiaLearning builds life skills 

MaiaLearning leads students through goal setting and planning. It teaches them to deal with timely events, track progress, and alter plans as needed to keep moving ahead. It helps them see that the path to success has many steps, nobody gets everything right, and that’s OK.

MaiaLearning unburdens counselors 

MaiaLearning manages transcript and recommendation requests, college visits, and other administrative tasks. It tracks student academics, career plans, and progress. The MaiaLearning team supports and responds to counselors’ needs, so counselors can focus on student success.

school guidance counsellors
Unburdens counselors while improving post-secondary outcomes.

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  1. Greetings,

    I am wondering if your software is only available to school counselors. I am working with several students with two different organizations, and I really need something like this!

    Thank you.

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